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We invite you to join us for a very special TRAINING event!  

Frank Galli (Sniper’s Hide) & Marc Taylor (Alaska Precision Rifle) bring their expert instruction and wealth of knowledge to the Treadproof Academy long range for a once in a lifetime weekend event. We at Treadproof are honored to host Mr. Galli and Mr. Taylor and are beyond excited to offer a weekend of training and education in partnership with them. The three day course of instruction will cover a wide expanse of fundamental rifle skills as well as advanced considerations. It will also incorporate a Terminal Ballistics lecture from national ballistics expert Dr. Paul K. Maurer, this extensive classroom lecture will cover many principles of projectile science as well as advanced considerations on ballistics and load/system development.


  • 3 days of live fire training on the range and instructional lectures w/ Frank Galli, Marc Taylor and the Treadproof Team (course description below)

  • Free Treadproof Membership ($25.00 value)

  • All inclusive catered box lunches from our friends at Pinewood Kitchen

  • Additional benefits and bonuses!

Precision Rifle MasterClass Event (3 DAY)  -  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 25 - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2019

SPECIAL GUEST INSTRUCTORS: Frank Galli (Sniper’s Hide), Marc Taylor (Alaska Precision Rifle Course)

A three day course of instruction held on our Academy grounds in Tennessee. Our precision range facilities include target sets out to 700 yards, alternative shooting positions and premier classroom areas. Designed for the intermediate to advanced precision shooter — this course has a heavy emphasis on the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and will additionally focus on developing comfortability with advanced aspects of the precision shooting package.

A combination of classroom education, live fire drills, and critical application scenarios will combine over two days of instruction to advance any level of shooter. Rifle setup and adjustment, unconventional positions and support, multiple target engagement and fine tuning of ballistic data form the basis on the range across the two days. The course will work on expanded marksmanship at distances out to 700 yards. Students will learn to analyze their individual performance on the rifle for corrections and begin to develop strong personal data sets for their rifle and ammunition.

This special training event is a great course to perfect data and learn additional skills for the moderate to advanced marksman. This course is beneficial for both sport shooters and tactical students alike as it focuses on honing data while increasing speed to target effectiveness.

Course Duration: 3 Days

Expected Round Ct.: 200 - 250 rounds min.  (see our ammunition policy here)


  • Rifle capable of one minute of angle (MOA), confirmed zero (.30 caliber max)

  • Open turret scope (Mil or MOA), Front Focal Plane preferred*

  • Data Book**

  • Bipod or other front support/rear support bag or stock

  • Cleaning gear and appropriate tools for your rifle

  • Notebook

  • Protective eyewear

  • Hearing protection (electronic hearing capable preferred)

  • Appropriate clothing and rain gear

  • Durable boots or footwear

Additional Suggested/Helpful Equipment (Not Req’d)

  • Hat or sun cover

  • Range bag or pack to carry gear

  • Ranging tools (Mil-Dot Card or Laser Rangefinder)

  • Spotting scope or binoculars

  • Shooting Mat

  • Printed diagram/image of your reticle (if available, check manufacturers’ website)


About Frank Galli & Sniper’s Hide

The “Hide” was founded by Frank “Lowlight” Galli. During my years as a Marine Scout Sniper, then later conducting surveillance. I was able to grasp the difficulty surrounding a profession that combines both an Art and a Science. Long Range Precision Shooting with or without a scoped rifle has often been demonized, through education and understanding we believe we can lift that dark veil which has clouded so many. Hide is a community, brought together by the knowledge of the science and the appreciation of the art involved in long-range shooting. Our members consist of Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, as well as past and present member of our Armed Forces. Over the years countries believed it was necessary to employ snipers during times of armed conflict, then shortly after they disbanded those ranks losing the knowledge gleaned from these soldier’s sacrifice and experience. In the early years each time the call went out, the knowledge used to train our soldiers and Marines came from competition shooters. Even today, more than 20 years after the Marine Corps created the United States’ first official sniper school, our military still sees the value in utilizing the knowledge of the civilian shooter to assist in training our troops and helping develop the next generation tools of this military trade. Deep in tradition, born from competition, the long-range shooter has always been the silent servant to military sniper and law enforcement sharpshooter. Sniper’s Hide mission is to uphold the traditions and professionalism of those who came before us, expanding on the science, developing the art.

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About Marc Taylor & Alaska Precision Rifle Course

Marc Taylor is the founder of Alaska Precision Rifle Course, which he co-instructs with Frank Galli of Marc served as a S.T.A. Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Marine Division Scout / Sniper Instructor and was a graduate of the Marine Corps’ premier Scout / Sniper Instructor School at Quantico, Virginia. Marc lives and works in Anchorage, Alaska. Together, Frank and Marc, who served together in combat as Marines, introduce you to the “Hammer-Forged Fundamentals”, which they have each been practicing and instilling in others for over 30 years. Their unique relationship, training style, instruction technique and syllabus has no equal anywhere in the world of precision rifle instruction.